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Mile High United Way

<b>Mile High United Way</b>

Combining the collective strength of more than 40,000 donors, 800 local businesses, 100 non-profit partners and local and state government, Mile High United Way is leading the movement for positive change. Together we deliver lasting solutions for individuals and families in the metropolitan area. Together we can do what none of us can do alone.

We’ve been making a difference for more than 120-years. At Mile High United Way we see the full circle of life and concentrate on helping people of all ages, in every stage of their lives, through three interconnected areas of change: School Readiness, Youth Success and Adult Self Sufficiency.

School Readiness - Set the Course for Success! Young children are more likely to succeed throughout their school years if they attend high-quality early childhood care and education programs beginning at birth. Mile High United Way invests in programs that ensure young children in low income families enter school ready to succeed and are prepared for a lifetime of learning.

Youth Success - Engage and motivate in school. To make it to graduation, at-risk youth need more guidance and support to help them make wise choices, stay in school and graduate. Mile High United Way invests in programs that help school-age; low-income and under-served youth succeed academically and graduate from high school and go on to higher education opportunities.

Adult Self Sufficiency - Empower individuals and families to succeed. We provide opportunities for hardworking individuals to become financially stable and provide a better future for their families. Mile High United Way invests in programs that ensure low income individuals and families are afforded the opportunity to move toward economic self-sufficiency.

Visit www.unitedwaydenver.org to learn more and to find out how you can help.


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