Meet The Sage


Can you Stump The Sage?

Can you Stump The Sage?

You can Stump the Sage of World Class Rock for tickets and passes backstage to meet Imagine Dragons at their sold-out concert at Pepsi Center on March 15th.

Listen on Wednesday morning, April 12th from 7a-8a for your chance to Stump the Sage and get tickets plus a Meet and Greet with the band courtesy of Interscope Records.

Here, as always, are the rules to Stump the Sage. When calling The Mighty Sage on Wednesday mornings, be sure to keep these in mind:

  • No Jimmy Buffet questions
  • No two-part questions
  • No American Horse questions
  • No artist mother/father questions
  • No "I know someone in the band" questions
  • No backup singer questions
  • No questions about kids' TV shows (i.e.: Arthur, Wild Thornberries, etc)
  • No questions with more than one possible answer (i.e.: Where did Pearl Jam get its name)
  • No concert date and venue questions
  • No engineers on albums questions
  • No "I met this guy one who had lunch with a guy who used to know the band..." questions
  • No "At what age did (artist) (event)?" questions
  • No Journey questions
  • No Van Halen or "Van Hagar" questions
  • No blurting out the answer while The Mighty Sage mulls his answer
  • No Rainbow Butt Monkeys questions
  • No "Charmed" questions or any other show on "The WB"
  • No Taylor Dayne questions
  • No questions about songs that have never been released
  • No Getaway People questions
  • In case of a "Sage Off" be prepared for Robbyn Hart to be the final arbitrator of questionable questions
  • on 97.3 KBCO you must wait 90 days before trying to Stump the Sage successfully again
  • Current or former employees of KBCO are not allowed to win prizes from The Mighty Sage
  • Make sure you know the CORRECT answer to your own question. We have ways of figuring out when you have the wrong answer.
  • The Sage has the right to refuse or accept your question and change the rules for any reason he chooses.

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